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Dec. 23, 2015

Good morning Bob,

Just wanted to give you a little update on Junior, He is doing great; a few milestones:


• Carried the paper in from the street at 6 weeks and 5 days old!

• Began going out the doggie door to do his business at 7 weeks old.

• My Daughter teaches 9 severe and profound handicapped children in Dublin, Ohio in grades kindergarten - 4th Grade,  diagnosed with Down syndrome, MS, high anxiety, and other physical challenges. She asked if I could bring Junior in to visit the kids for a little Christmas celebration.

1. He was only 8 weeks old and you could not believe how those kids responded to him and how he responded to them. Even with motor skill challenges, they could pet Junior very calmly. One ‎young boy had to sit on his hands to control himself but Junior crawled up on his lap for more loving. Junior would wine when the kids had to go back into their classroom.

2. We are convinced that Junior and his siblings will make excellent therapy dogs with very little training. He really responds to kids in a very calm way at just 8 weeks old.

• We have been in Ohio at the farm for 10 days enjoying some warmer than normal weather. Junior gets his exercise following the John Deere Gator, but keeps his distance from the tires! He has not ventured into the pond yet, but if it stays warm, maybe he will give it a try.

We travel back to FL on December 26th, more to follow.

Merry Christmas,

Chuck and Junior,  Niceville, FL


Quotes Greetings from the sunny sands of Jax Beach in North Florida! I am an "empty nester" and felt that it was the right time time to add new puppy to our family. Well, as it happens...we couldn't decide which one to take home so....we got two! We could not be more pleased...we have "Bowden" from the first litter and "Tucker" from the second litter. Both are male Labra-Golds and only two weeks apart so, it is like having twins! They are ABSOLUTELY the sweetest,smartest,best natured pups you could ever hope for! Thank you Bob for entrusting us with these two beautiful little souls. Take care and I will let you know when we are heading your way to visit. Best Regards, Lisa and Michaela Quotes
Lisa and Michaela Grogan

Quotes Hi Bob, Zenzen is such a blessing and a joy. Even the cats are acknowledging him and some even playing with him. Getting close to being potty trained. He likes his crate. This picture is him coming home from his first veterinary visit. The vet said he is an exceptional pup! I sing your praises everywhere I take ZenZen!. He is the sweetest calmest puppy I have ever owned. Quotes
Jullie & Larry Campbell Family
ZenZen is the sweetest calmest puppy I have ever owned.

Quotes On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 9:06 AM, Jennifer wrote: Bob, Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our Golden Retriever puppy. Carson ended up naming him Snapper, and they are inseparable. Our older dog loves him as well. We took him boating with us on Sunday and he had a blast on the kayak with Carson. I have attached a few pictures. Thank you so much! Jennifer Quotes
Our son Carson calls him Snapper, they are inseparable
Our older dog loves him as well.

Quotes Hi Bob! I am so sorry I haven't written you sooner. Our puppy is absolutely adorable. We are home in New Orleans now and she has been completely spoiled, sleeping in the bed with the kids, climbing on the couch, plenty of walks and even a dip in the pool. She is as sweet as you said she was but you can tell she has a lot of zip as well. I'm attaching a picture of her sleeping with us the first night with her head on the pillow. She looks so stressed out, doesn't she? Oh, and her name is Belle. Quotes
New Orleans Family (Adopted one of our AKC Goldens)
She is as sweet as you said she was.

Quotes Dear Bob, I hope all is well and your family reunion was enjoyed by all. I wanted to send a quick video and a picture of Mike Jr aka "Dozer". "He is unlike any dog I or anyone has ever met. He is a well behaved gentle soul that wants to please and be loved." His love of people and water is in his genes. After playing in the ocean for our usual 2 hours with our boys he will sit on the shore patiently waiting wanting to get back in. I cannot Thank You enough for entrusting my family with one of your "family members". Should the time come and you wish to need him for breeding let me know. He stays by our sons side while in the water at all times and has a natural protective instinct. We plan to start his training for our special needs son next month. God Bless you and your family. Respectfully Tim Quotes
"He is a well behaved gentle soul (Labra-Gold)
that wants to please and be loved all the time,"

Quotes Hi Bob, I can't begin to tell you what a wonderful addition to our family Shadow has been. He is our son Jackson's best friend! They do everything together!!! Everyone who meets him thinks he is so wonderful! He absolutely loves to play fetch and play in the deck jets by the pool. He keeps a really good eye on the kids as well and let's us know if they are doing something he thinks they shouldn't be doing. He is my good buddy also and follows me around the house and yard. We've had people ask us where we got him so don't be surprised if you hear from them! I'm attaching a pic of Jackson and his Shadow! :) It's their favorite time...out in front waiting for my daughter Sammi to get home from school I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and have a Merry Christmas! Love, Kathy Quotes
The Habura Family
We love our Labra-Gold new puppy

Quotes When I spoke to Bob on the phone, I knew he was someone who would have great dogs. Being a dog lover himself, I was comfortable that he bred the dogs because he cared about the dogs and wasn't in it for the money. Belle (akc, Golden Retriever) has been a wonderful puppy for our family of 5 so far. Besides being beautiful, she has a hearty appetite, a desire to be with people and is respectfully acclimating to our way of life, i.e., coming inside and sleeping on beds and couches! I couldn't be more pleased! Quotes
The Durant Family

Quotes We got a labra-gold puppy 3 weeks ago and couldn't be more pleased! Little Katie has stolen our hearts already... very sweet and smart! She quickly acclimated to our routine, is 95% housebroken, and can already sit and lay down for a treat. She's always ready for a belly rub, and she's very cuddly in spite of her puppy teeth! Quotes
Jo Ann Steele

Quotes Good Morning, Dr. Bob, From your most recent entry, everything must be coming up puppies! Hopefully, you are getting a break from the winter weather and are able to enjoy the new little ones. I hope to hear that you have made a complete recovery. Bobby grows more wonderful each day. Actually, he is everything and more as far as his behavior, intelligence, beauty and affection. He is the son of Lil'Babe and is also a very sweet example of what anyone could possibly expect in a "Special Family Member". As I have told you, Martha has formed a strong bond with my granddaughter and displays the same qualities that I am finding in Bobby. She has become the perfect pet for a 10 year old girl who is also sweet in every way! I am looking forward to my trip to Florida to meet my new puppy. She will be bonding with ME!! See you in January! Joanna Quotes
Joanna in Savanna!
Looking forward to my trip to Florida soon to pick up my new pup

Quotes Bob, Hi there! I am very interested in adopting a puppy from one of your next litters. I will be sending a money order in the mail tomorrow. A co-worker of mine, Tracy Dxxx, just adopted two from you and told me how great her experience was with you guys. I grew up with Goldens and just love them :). Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do at this point. Thank you! Stacy F. Quotes
Stacy, Lauderdale Area
I want to Adopt one of your puppies.